Al-Shifa Natural Honey (500 Grams)

Al-Shifa Natural Honey (500 Grams)

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Al-Shifa Natural Honey (500 Grams)

♦ This delectable blend of exquisite honey varieties is our most popular specialty. Containing the most premium and carefully chosen honey types from around the world, this combination goes beyond honey lovers’ expectations. We take pride in bringing you one of the best honey varieties in the world.


♦ Delectable blend of exquisite honey varieties
♦ Pure and clean
♦ Can be used as a sweetener for your tea, coffee or as a drizzle for desserts such as pudding, pancakes and fruit salad
♦ Honey contains Antioxidants, Enzymes, Minerals & Vitamins


♦ Brand: Al Shifa
♦ Weight: 500g
Made in K.S.A

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