Ajwa gift size 7 pcs

Ajwa gift size 7 pcs

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Al-Marwaan Dates. 100% Premium Quality Dates. Product of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Prophet (PBUH) Said,

Whoever has seven ajwa dates every morning he will not be harmed on that day by poison or magic. -Sahih Bukhari

Al- Marwaan Ajwa dates are picked from the luscious valleys of Madina and presented to you in this elegant gift set. Each Al-Marwaan Ajwa date is packed with nutritional value that is essential for your body, mind and soul.

So come taste the delectable Al-MArwaan Ajwa that is sure to surprise even the most discerning tastebud. Enjoy Al-Marwaan! Exprience the Fine Arabian Tradition.

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